Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring is comming

Abbasi Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Isfahan and Iran. This hotel is in Amadegah Street and it has really beautiful views from outside and inside. Maybe in future I sketch some views of it, but here are two works from the structures that have made a complete complex with this hotel. Really beautiful composition.
First, a view from the Chaharbagh school dome. I had done another sketch of it here in USK blog.

Other one , a view from the Abbasi bookstore complex. I know that this perspective is not very clear.

I had done them with pastel and marker. After finding some tricks to simplify the works, working with pastel became really delightful for me. I wish you also enjoy.

I also share one of related works of the bookstore complex from the past years with a view from the above. (The dome is on the right side)

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  1. love the colour ones! great please take a look at my blog, too!


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