Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The 5th International Urban Sketching Symposium/ The joy of sharing/ Paraty

My work during the first workshop

 These are some of my watercolor and charcoal sketches during the 5th USK symposium.

 In a restaurant / Paraty


My work during the second workshop
(I started with playing with pigments as you see on the left) 

 My work during the last workshop

   Paraty / After the annual group photo

  Praca do chafariz / Paraty The last day, before I leave Paraty.

  São Paulo Museum of Art


Many thanks to those organizers who made this wonderful symposium happened.

 I have also written 2 posts in my weblog about the symposium.
First post is about what happened to me and highlights of this wonderful trip. And another post is about my workshop and some works from São Paulo.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Breath of fresh air / Summer 2014 (2)

I don't know really what happens to me. What is the main reason that I want to leave my town this season and travel.

Maybe it's only because of the hotness of the weather or maybe more.
I like to be in the nature and also draw from the beauties more and more. 

I like to become alike that and merely observe.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Breath of fresh air / Summer 2014 (1)

    Bushes and trees

 This summer the weather was really hot in Isfahan, and it was a good time to go to  the north. Beautiful nature with a fresh air.I invite you to see the result of that. Regards


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Isfahan buildings (2)/ Historic places

As I said in previous post, I tried to show you some sketches from different  aspects of Isfahan buildings that I had not shared them before, because they were only uniqe works of the subjects and I here organized some of them under the name of "Isfahan buildings".

 Here are some views of  historic places in Isfahan.

I did this sketches early in the morning from the Isfahan grand bazaar. 

I enjoyed very much of not going back to sleep. Playing of sunlight and shadow was very beautiful.

And two sketches of Shah mosque (Jameh Abbasi Mosque). I had posted a full report of this historical place here. Here I have used soft postels for showing it's court and the dome.


And another subject is a historical bridge in Isfahan. Allahverdi Khan bridge.  When there was water in the river and we were very happy of that.

At the end, it is a view from the roof of the Isfahan grand bazaar. 
I Wish you enjoy of my city's aspects/ Regards

Isfahan buildings (1)

 I usually have my sketch tools in my bag wherever I go. I use them whenever I have spare times in daily activities and so, I feel I haven't wasted those times. Those times are my productive times.
In this post and the next one I tried to show you some sketches from different  aspects of Isfahan buildings that I have not shared them before, because they were only uniqe works of the subjects and I here organized some of them under the name of "Isfahan buildings".

First, the modern buildings :


Isfahan Municipality Central Library/ Interior view

We had an exhibition about origami and it's usage in desiging specially architectural design in cooperation with Master Farid Ahmadi (Architect ) and his talented students under the title of  "From Sheet to Form"  in this library (it's gallery) .
You can find more details about that event here.
It was a good apportunity for me to sketch there. It is a modern building in Isfahan. 

Isfahan international cultural center  ( Farshchian Art and Cultural Complex ) 

It was designed and built between years 1989 and 2005. Design in terms of geometry is very symmetric.
Mahmoud Farshchian is a master of Persian painting and miniatures. He was born in the city of Isfahan in Iran, a place famed for its art and artists, and it was here where he started to learn art, painting and sculpting. You can read more about him and his masterpieces in Wikipedia.

As I said, I take my sketch tools with myself and use them in my spare times. Here are some of other works.

A residential building

Another one: " Isfahan City Center" complex / Chaharbagh street / Interior view

And at the end, I wanted to share what I saw beyond the Khorasgan university classroom's window. 


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Reality and Imagination

 About a year ago, I had shared some sketches from north of Iran.You can see them here and here
 But now, I decided to do some simple watercolor sketches from them. I got help from my imagination for some changes and also for using the colors. 


Before beginning the paintings in large scale I tried to experience and test colors and compositions in tiny sketches.

Sometimes my tiny works are better in shape, although they are only a few brushstroke.

 My palette:


I love tiny abstract watercolor works. I usually let water and color do what is their nature and what they like to do and I merely follow it and enjoy.
Very fresh experience. I invite you to do that. Behzad

Friday, May 2, 2014

From Isfahan Bazaar


These are some new aspects of Isfahan bazaar as I mentioned in previous post.

First, I sketched some new views in bazaar when I went to daroshafa mosque. The mosque was very beautiful and large in scale. It was the first time that I was seeing there. I could see some external view of bazaar there.

And then I sketched some views of Naqshe- Jahan square.

Two sketches of the mosques


And then, some traditional markets.
I wish you enjoy them/ Regards

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