Saturday, June 28, 2014

Isfahan buildings (2)/ Historic places

As I said in previous post, I tried to show you some sketches from different  aspects of Isfahan buildings that I had not shared them before, because they were only uniqe works of the subjects and I here organized some of them under the name of "Isfahan buildings".

 Here are some views of  historic places in Isfahan.

I did this sketches early in the morning from the Isfahan grand bazaar. 

I enjoyed very much of not going back to sleep. Playing of sunlight and shadow was very beautiful.

And two sketches of Shah mosque (Jameh Abbasi Mosque). I had posted a full report of this historical place here. Here I have used soft postels for showing it's court and the dome.


And another subject is a historical bridge in Isfahan. Allahverdi Khan bridge.  When there was water in the river and we were very happy of that.

At the end, it is a view from the roof of the Isfahan grand bazaar. 
I Wish you enjoy of my city's aspects/ Regards

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