Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A beautiful mornining in bazaar

We started at the beginning hours of this Monday's morning from  gheysarieh entrance of the grand bazaar and started to discover again the new aspects of the wonderful bazaar.

At the entrance there are many beautiful views of the Naqshe Jahan square and also from other  entrances of bazaar. 

We sat there for approximately 2 hours and started to sketch form the around views and also many wonderful oldmen models. Oldmen figures have been always exciting subjects  for me. 

                                                             Timche Malek/ Oil pastel

After that we entered bazaar. At first we went to Timche-Malek again (a historical serai with it's eye-chatching  roof ) and did some sketches.

                                       Here is a painting from some months ago of this place.

         And finally we went to Seraie-No. Really wonderful entrance with historical aspects.

After sketching, we had an small exhibition of our works on the ground. And it was a good way for discussion about our points of views and the ways for catching the essence of the atmosphere.

Sketches by Babak Alirezaii

And finally two of my sketches

I wish you enjoy. Regards

آری یکی از همین روزها می آیی
آن قدر بی مقدمه
آن قدر با شتاب

به جذبه هایت خواهم آمیخت
غرق خواهم شد
خواهم رفت

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