Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Isfahan Bazaar

This monday I and some other sketch friends went to bazaar. It was a wonderful experience with some talented people that I can learn alot from their works and also behaviors.
At the begining I had a little time to sit at the north side of the square (we say "meidan" in Farsi) near the main entrance of bazaar that called Qeisarieh  and sketch panoramic view of "Naghshe Jahan square" .


Then we entered bazaar. There are different kinds of "caravan-serai", "serai" and "timcheh" in relation with bazaar. They have different definitions and their definitions needs more surveys and discusses about.
But I must say that "Caravan-serai" is larger in size and has more functions in comparision to others. Also "Timcheh" has a roof that covers it's yard. You can find two pictures of Iranian caravan-series here and here.
We went to serai-e-Mokhles and timcheh-Malek. I have used my pastels for these sketches. Wish you enjoy them. 

serai-e-Mokhles - (not main view)

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